Winsome Duncan | Award Recpient

Winsome Duncan is an award winning Social Entrepreneur. She has over two decades of experience teaching workshops to disaffected young people at risk.  Winsome is passionate about empowering people in the wider community to access opportunities and develop the necessary skills to enhance their socio-economic outcomes.

Winsome Duncan is also known in her artistic capacity as ‘Lyrical Healer’ and she has had the pleasure of performing in the Houses of Parliament, Barclays Headquarters, Arsenal/Millwall football stadiums and the Royal Festival Hall. Her Creative Arts company The Healing Factory has produced four books with her latest title ‘100 Ways To Conquer The Credit Crunch’.

Winsome Duncan has worked with young people who have special educational needs, in Pupil Referral Units, Young Offenders Team and the Lambeth Metropolitan Police Summer Holidays Play Scheme.  Coming from a background in the Creative Arts sector, Winsome utilises her creative skills to incorporate in her employ-ability workshops. She uses her innovative trademark style and artistic talents as a tool to educate, inspire, empower and motivate her clients, and young people to explore avenues for personal self-development. This is achieved through her unique style of engagement and she uses the disciplines of song, poetry and film making. Winsome is an accredited mentor and Desmond Tutu Peer Mentor. Winsome has a second company called MPLOYME which is a not for profit organisation that specialises in employ-ability workshops.


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