Viv Ahmun | Award Recpient

Viv Ahmun is a Senior Partner at Coreplan (, a Director at the Choices Consortium (, and founder member of GEEDA (an international consultancy specialising in gender and educational empowerment).

Over the last quarter of a century, Viv Ahmun has developed many private sector and not-for-profit companies in Europe, America, as well as in the UK. Several of which were taken from humble seeds to multi-million pound operations. He has always maintained close links with those in the poorest communities, whilst simultaneously adopting a strategic approach to campaigning for economic and political equity.

Literally thousands of people have benefited from his management and coaching services over the last 30 years. He is a passionate and inspirational international speaker, leadership coach and social policy advisor with a specialist interest in organisational change and resilience.

His unique talent of making simple sense of seemingly complex and emotionally-charged socio-economic and political issues, means that he is known as someone who gets things done even in hapless situations.

Viv has developed many successful interventions that have enabled some of the most challenged people in our society to come to terms with the harsh/unforgiving world in which they are expected to function and thrive. As an example, he and his colleagues pioneered the first specialist drugs treatment service for young people in the UK. His personal aim is to nurture and invest in as many ethical leaders (#ethicalleadership) as he can, through his own private sponsorship and sweat equity, over the next 10 years.


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