Stephen Graham | Award Recpient

Stephen Graham is a multi-disciplinary service provider. He truly is a man of many talents. He is a life skills coach, youth mentor, filmmaker, author, poet, health and fitness professional and community activist.

However, Stephen wasn’t always so positively focused. Growing up he found himself surrounded by violence and getting into trouble with the law. To keep him out of prison his mother sent him to her homeland, Jamaica. Stephen found himself in similar situations abroad and ended up serving 8 years for manslaughter. While in prison he had reflected upon his life, rehabilitating himself mind, body and soul. His intention was to return to England a new man. Since his second return to England in 2006, Stephen can proudly say he has become the man that he not only desired to be, but the man he believes exists in so many of the youths that are ‘walking that destructive path.’

Stephen believes change can be more positively influenced when one can relate to situations and circumstances, yet at the same time have the ability to tap into hearts and minds, thus capturing individuals with a reality that’s similar to their own. Stephen currently mentors in various educational establishments, does talks in universities and work on the streets.

Stephen has published 4 poetry books, a romance novel and his gritting novel ‘I’m a Gun’ which he has made into a documentary which gives an in-depth understanding of the cause of knife and gun crime in the black community, but also discusses solutions. Stephen has travelled the Middle East numerous times and has produced and directed various documentaries on the African presence, addressing the historical and religious foundation of the indigenous people of that region. Stephen is currently working on his latest novel, an autobiography of his life’s journey entitled ‘Incarceration JA.’


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