SMART WORLD is a joint venture company, working with businesses and other individuals in partnerships, that are benefiting to all involved. Working with current and new business to achieve goals, tasks, positive outcomes and sustainability. Smart world proudly sponsors Smart Kid.

SMART KID was founded by Marcia Brock and her daughters as a need to supply fun and creative activities for children aged 2-18 years old, with partners they provide sports, enterprise, music, life skills and media focused workshops ensuring they are fun and engaging. Smart Kid is now a charity focused on bringing their services in and around South London.


“Black history is My History, so for me it’s much more than the usual American Idols, I work hard to find out about Blacks all around the world with a focus on British Black Greats showing a positive view of history, such as “when we rule” by Robin Walker, Lists of Black British inventors and Black pioneers around the world.”

Marcia Brock