Shontia Naggie | Award Finalist

Shontia is a survivor of cancer Hodgkins Disease lymphoma type 2. She was diagnosed aged 14 years old but refused to let cancer beat her. She fought through all the chemotherapy and despite losing her hair, still continued to smile. She is now in remission from cancer 7years this 8th July 2014.

At the time of Shontai was diagnosed with cancer she was involved in a south London gang which was a very stressful time for her. She was told she may not be able to conceive children at the start of her chemotherapy in 2008.

In 2011 Shontia then became pregnant which was a blessing due to her medical history of cancer and this pregnancy changed her  life completely. She decided that she didn’t want to participate in the gang lifestyle she lived and chose to focus on being a mother to her child, and would do whatever possible to keep her child safe.

She has grown in many ways as a mother and continues to stay focused on the future not her past. Her daughter has been involved in a lot of positive documentaries, and films giving awareness on gang issues and child abuse. Shontia has continued to show positivity through her goals and aims and through her daughter’s participation in documentaries, films surrounding issues that once affected her.

In 2013 she enrolled on a law course in 2013 and stayed on the course. Despite the barriers she faced, with assignments, course work and still looking after her child she completed her course in June 2014 and got a acceptance to University in September of 2014. She is now working towards a degree and aims to go as high as to achieve her masters to be a barrister. She says their are not enough black female barristers in society, and wants to show just because your story started bad it does mean your story can’t have great ending.

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