The importance of Noel Clarke | A man with a dream

To most he is well known, not a household name to all and certainly not one of those out every night celebrities. To his peers and contemporaries he is an inspiration. His community afford him hero status. Why? there is not an answer only opinions.

KiDULTHOOD was the project that brought him to our attention. So important a piece of work back then that now has a renewed significance as we prepare for the release of BrOTHERHOOD | #TheEnd; the third part of the trilogy, AdULTHOOD being sandwiched in-between.

KiDULTHOOD broke so many barriers, for a start it was the first feature length to really illustrate what was going on in and around our inner-city schools. Noel’s movie resonated with the people he had written it for, people just like him. They felt it, they knew only too well the scenarios being played out in front of them, and the dialogue… authentic doesn’t seem to do it justice.

Socially the film was enormous it’s insight into the lives of our young people enlightening for parents and educators alike. KiDULTHOOD was a visualisation of what our young people were encountering. After watching the movie if your 13 year old child or relative said ‘I’ve got problems’ you stopped and listened.

Now add to this a black writer and director, young and male. They had to make some moves to even get the project made let alone distributed and on screens, it was a lot.

The cast was as diverse as any inner city estate and the success of the film made it considerably easier for others to get support for their projects, Noel’s success not only inspired others but helped pave the way for many. The subsequent success of the cast members also inspiring their peers. Many young people gained belief from Noel’s achievements that they too could write a movie or get their song on a soundtrack and more.

Fast forward to today and the release of what has been billed as the ‘final part’ of the trilogy… #BrOTHERHOOD. It makes me think of the Godfather or Scarface and you can imagine a young Noel being inspired to write his own. Now it’s him doing the inspiring.

You can see from what I have written so far that I prefer Kidulthood to Adulthood; well I am pleased to say that #Brotherhood does Kidulthood justice; it really does. It completes a body of work that didn’t even need completing and takes it to the next level. Like Quadrophenia this body of work will stand the test of time, universities will include it in their syllabus if not already.

Noel’s achievements are inspirational, this trilogy socially impacting. A BAFTA winner but still just a kid from around the way, with a dream, drive and determination. You will have to ask him or research the ins and outs of his journey, but know this… all things considered #Brotherhood is going to take him to a new level. Make sure you go watch it this week. Noel leads by example, taking talent from the same streets he came from, and giving them an opportunity to shine.


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Noel Clarke making history. #BHM #back2blackawards