Natalie Tomlinson | 2015 Award Finalist

There are few ‘real ‘Community leaders left – those who live within the midst of the people they serve and who actively seek to change the opportunities and lives of those who need that support. Natalie Tomlinson, the Director of The Sunday Essiett Company Limited, has dedicated her life to ensuring young men and women have a safe haven, a person who they can trust will be there for them and help them through their troubles. She does not judge nor does she do this for gratitude or accolade…no, Miss Natalie, as she is known, does this out of love for the young people of her community… our community and she truly embodies the African saying that it takes a village to raise a child for they are all her children.

Natalie expertly delivers motivational speaking which is not only motivational and informative, but leaves people attending her seminars feeling extremely empowered and enlightened. Natalie uses valuable information and eye-opening stories about today’s youth and their culture to show them how to succeed in life. Young people will learn the importance of having self-respect and how to boost their own self-esteem. They’ll walk away with a new attitude and the sense that no matter what their past, it’s not too late to make positive changes.

Natalie is also the blogger of “Natalie’s SECtion” which is updated every Sunday and is now read globally with more and more visits to her page coming from as far as America, Pakistan and the Philippines.  This shows that her openness and willingness to share her life experiences with her readers is appreciated.

Natalie initiated Intensive Intervention Programme’s named “Leading Ladies” and “Boys II Men” which helps young people with the most challenging behaviour turn it around and lead in a positive way. These programs have been a huge success and have received much praise from OFSTED.


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