NADINE ‘CHIA’ WOODLEY – Award Recpient

Nadine is the ceo and managing director of Hiype Productions, a writer, actress, tutor of drama and streetdance and a creative youth support facilitator. Committed to the arts from a young age, she has written, performed in and directed pieces and productions that have been shown at some of London’s well known theatres such as the Cochrane, Soho Theatre, Bridewell, The Albany and more.

As well as stage she has much experience in production for screen as director, acting coach, castings, choreographer and production assistant. She has worked for a number of performing arts companies as a creative arts facilitator encouraging and enriching young people’s talents in the arts. As well as working with more hard to reach young people in prison and those actively involved in criminal lifestyles running workshops to motivate, encourage and give them inspiration to do better for themselves. Nadine is very passionate about inspiring people and raising levels of self worth in others.

In 2010 while working for Cleanbreak theatre working in juvenile units for young women in prisons. She felt inspired to write on the subject of young women involved in gangs, violence, promiscuity and other issues effecting young women today, which inspired the birth of ‘The Forty Elephants’ . The Forty Elephants is a play written, directed and produced by herself and business partner which explores the complex relationships between 7 young women in a gang. With its success after 3 sold out runs it is now being made into a feature film.

Nadine is a woman of many creative abilities and a source of inspiration to others through her work practices and motivational talks.


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