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About the Author

Monique Dixon is author and blogger at www.moniquedixon.co.uk and www.oncebadintentions.com. Once Bad Intentions is her début novel based on an urban love story of triumph and redemption. She graduated from The University of the Arts London, and works in the advertising & marketing technology industry in a senior commercial capacity. Her blog sites are focused on the advertising and marketing technology sector, and the themes that feature in her début novel. She has also contributed to Brown Eyes, Sexual Attraction Revealed and Hair Power Skin Revolution anthologies. Monique still resides in London with her family.

About The Novel

Once Bad Intentions is the compelling journey of Stephanie Johnson who opens her narration as a rogue teenager struggling to beat her troubled past. Her journey to define her own destiny starting with the colourful characters that surround her, is one full of energy, excitement, tears and laughter. Tyrone enters the narrative as Stephanie’s secondary-school sweet-heart. Will love save her from her once bad intentions? A gritty, realistic, and poetic portrayal of a life captured by nineties music, fashion and urban culture. Stephanie Johnson takes readers on an emotional journey from days fuelled by bad intentions to the mercy of forgiveness at the footsteps of redemption.

Once Bad Intentions has received 5 star roaring reviews, described by readers as:

“It’s London at its realist…”
“A courageous, honest and compelling read…”
“An inspiring debut, brilliant and authentic…”
“A totally believable story. I cried and I laughed…”
“This is a story of perseverance, courage and determination…”
“Her journey was captured and written in such a captivating…poetic way…”
“A true and vivid depiction of South East London in the 1990s…”

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