Maureen Elizabeth Worrell | Award Winner

” Winning the back2black BAFTA Inspirational Award is a huge honour especially as I personally both admire & respect what they stand for & represent not only in honour of our Ancestors but also the achievements of our people here and now and for the vast potential of our future. To me these awards represent the celebrations and acknowledgement in regards to all our accomplishments, courage, determination, unity, support and talents.

It is truly a privilege to be a tiny part of such a fantastic vision created by Fredi Nwaka, whom I so admire and respect.  Being one of the first recipients of this prestigious award means that I can continue with more motivation in regards to my writing and helping others to create their own healing journeys by Breaking the Silence. Thank you to Fredi and all the team Xxxx “

Maureen Elizabeth Worrell | aka Jah siSTAR | The Journey of I & I

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