Maureen Elizabeth Worrell | Award Finalist

Despite the horrific and painful circumstances of her childhood – i.e enduring childhood sexual abuse and living with domestic violence, Maureen Elizabeth Worrell aka Jah siSTAR is blessed with being part of a close and loving family.

Sexually abused from the age of 4 – 14 years, forced to remain fearfully silent through threats from her abuser she has gone on to become a Survivor in more ways then one. She currently Counsel Youths who have suffered and survived childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence and also mentors cancer patients and their families as she is also a 3 times cancer survivor. Maureen had her first book published in December 2013 and is now a Writer/Author – her book ‘The Journey of I & I’ is the first in a trilogy of Journey books and she is currently working on her second book, titled, The Definition of I & I.

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