Marcia Brock | Award Finalist

Marcia Brock is a Project Director and Award winning IT Network specialist. Marcia is also The Smart World CEO |EMONEY CEO| Smart Kids Founder | SDA Trustee | STEM specialist mentor | Inventor | Homeschooling mum | 4 times cancer survivor and Lupus survivor!

Marcia became the UKs youngest Microsoft female engineer and followed up with being the first Black woman to complete the Cisco Wireless Networking qualifications. During her 20+ career Marcia has met with Bill Gates, Jay Z, The Smartest family in the world “the Imafidons”, worked with Microsoft, Sony, banks, military, courts, local government, and businesses world wide. Founding Smart” in early 2000, Marcia has been a part of numerous projects helping to bring the brand “Smart” to the world.

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