KOJO | Fresh Prince of Hackney


Proud to Support #back2blackawards.

The self styled ‘Prince of Hackney’ is testament to how far you can go irrespective of from where you start. Kojo had what can be universally termed as a difficult childhood at times. However he has worked tirelessly to achieve his dreams and in turn make a success of his life. He spent his teenage years in the mean streets of Hackney and now he regularly headlines Hackney’s flagship venue, the Empire and is about to to rock the Indigo O2 this November, with his one man comedy show. His day job includes hosting his radio show, a bit of TV, writing, producing and acting. There’s more but needless to say he’s come a long way. A young man of colour, with an idea and the dedication and commitment to follow it through, was it easy… no, does it get easier… yes.

“I am proud to support #back2blackawards. It’s a good thing seeing real people doing real things being rewarded that aren’t celebrities for once”

www.twitter.com/officialkojo | thecolournetwork.com