Junior James | Award Recpient

Junior James also known as Sherlock is a self published author of two books. He is a living example of a ‘changed man’ and that no matter how far you fall; you can pull your self up and turn things around. Junior’s story is not ‘pretty’… From a very young age he lived a life of crime starting from street robberies, burglary which then escalated to drug dealing, drug using and drug smuggling. This resulted in him serving three prison sentences for drug Offences. What’s more he had a 20 year addiction to crack cocaine. The fact that he is now a probation engagement worker and works weekends as a youth support worker is just a small indication of how far Junior has traveled.

His turning point came when he went back inside prison for the last time in October 2007 for drug importation where he was sentenced to seven years at his majesty’s pleasure. From that day on it was the last time he ever smoked crack cocaine and has been clean ever since.

Having gone through so much while being addicted to crack cocaine a lot of people told him he should write his life story so while in prison he decided it was the perfect opportunity to start writing his autobiography. He was released from prison April 2011 and in August 2011 he self published part one of his story followed by part in 2013. So far he has sold over 4000 copies of his book and people globally are requesting the third part to make the Trilogy.

Due to the success of his books he engages in a lot of Motivational speaking for the London probation service now known as ‘probation CRC’. At the end of 2012 while still on probation they offered him the job as a probation engagement worker where he encourages and supports ex-offenders, helping them not to re-offend. He also helps them to find employment or further education and or training.

From the beginning of 2015 he became a youth support worker supporting young people who come from dysfunctional backgrounds helping them prepare for independent living and using his first hand experiences to help his charges avoid the same pitfalls he encountered.


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