Jamie Williams | Award Recipient 2015

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The appreciation shown by Back2Black Awards and their partners is the boost anybody needs, let alone a young person like myself, to continue what they are doing.

When I first started, I was just a kid angry at the world. All it took was an outlet to let my emotions out; once I realised this, I set off on a mission to one day create an Arts Academy. Since then I have tried to help others who found themselves in the same situation I was in; at knife point, and also those who are dragged into committing those things.

This Inspirational Young Person award I received is recognition that the work I do is actually making a difference and is getting traction. I’m very thankful for all the support that has been shown to me from my family, friends, Back2Black Awards, the award sponsors Viacom International Media Networks & BET International. I accepted this award knowing I won’t be the last ‘Inspirational Young Person Award’ winner, and I revel in that fact.

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