Isaiah-Raymond Dyer | Award Finalist 2015

Isaiah-Raymond Dyer is a multi-faceted individual, primarily recognised for his musical abilities. Internationally known as the Founder of the renowned UK Gospel group ‘Raymond & Co’ & their ‘sister group’ – Isaiah-Raymond & Friends.

Isaiah-Raymond spearheaded what became one of the most notable Gospel acts to emerge from the UK. Isaiah-Raymond is a prolific songwriter & the Raymond & Co ‘Playing Games’ album released to 150 countries on the Integrity/Sony label showcased this. MOBO, UMA and various awards came in recognizing the skill & precision found in his song writing ability.

Isaiah-Raymond is a skilled speaker & is noted as ‘a bridge between two generations’ and is able to communicate principles to audiences of all ages. Isaiah-Raymond has spoken to audiences across The UK, USA and Jamaica and carries a clear ability to declare truth and inspiration to all ages. Noted for his wit, energy and ability to make needed life principles easily understood, Isaiah-Raymond has a passion to share inspiration and wisdom.

Isaiah-Raymond has had an eventful life that has qualified him to speak to people from various walks of life. Isaiah-Raymond is an ex-offender and served time in three UK prisons some 23 years ago after growing up in the church, commencing a christian walk and turning away from his commitment to Christ.

Along his journey he engaged in various criminal activities/ that led to him receiving a two year prison sentence. It was in prison that Isaiah-Raymond recommitted his life to Christ and made a promise to God that he would serve Him and minister the Gospel in word and song.

As a result, many years later a big part of Isaiah-Raymond’s captive audience is in prisons, Isaiah-Raymond under the banner of Love Life UK Prison Outreach oversees visits into prisons across the UK where he hosts gospel concerts, services and bible studies to incarcerated men. Isaiah-Raymond counsels prisoners and is seeing men changing for the better.

Isaiah-Raymond is known for his instantly recognizable unique vocal tone, and appears as a soloist at special events, conferences & private functions. Isaiah-Raymond acts as a Vocal coach and is a qualified Arts Award Assessor teaching bronze & silver level courses and has consulted with the likes of Jesse J, Alexandra Burke, Rough Copy, Ruth Brown and other TV talent show competitors.

Isaiah-Raymond also went onto great renown as a co-host on the music Tv show ‘UK Gospel Live’ as seen on SKY Tv (on Revelation Tv.) As well as co-hosting, he had his own section titled ‘Heart to Heart’ dedicated to discussions on topical issues.


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