Erika Brodnock | Award Winner

” On Sunday 5.10.2014 I went to the prestigious Bafta on Piccadilly and was presented an inspiration award among my peers and community in the Back2Black Awards which were founded by Fredi Nwaka to celebrate the achievements of black men and women in the UK in honour of Black History Month. It was a great honour and privilege to be recognised in this way by my community.

I became a mum at the tender age of 16 and am now a mother of 5. It’s been quite a journey, full of ups and downs and I can vividly remember having to stay at Centrepoint hostel in central London as the only other alternative was the streets. Over the years, I’ve fought tirelessly to raise my children to provide them with the best chances and opportunities in life.  Two years ago, I started a company Karisma Kidz, with the aim of providing every child, no matter their start in life and equal opportunity to make the best of themselves.  This year I saw the fruits of my labour come to bear as my eldest daughter took her GCSE’s and achieved 6 A’s and 4 B’s, and I received the inspiration award among many others for my work with Karisma Kidz. Winning this beautiful award encourages me to continue to knock down doors and walls in the fight to ensure that our young people are provided with a better future.  Thank you to all the Back2Black team and most especially to Fredi Nwaka who took the time to honour myself and the other shining stars in our community. “

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