Cheryl Phoenix Henry | Award Finalist 2015

Over the years, Cheryl Phoenix Henry has overcome many adversities, including the tragic loss of her life partner back in early 2007. A very challenging time as Cheryl rebuilt her life and businesses amidst the grief and her family responsibilities. Against all odds, Cheryl has become one of the most influential people in her field.

Cheryl is a serial entrepreneur, who specialises in business sales, marketing, and event management, she has been working in the business arena for over 18 years. Cheryl owns several businesses and brands including Global Black Links, Purple Pages, Strength In Unity & ACRIS.

Cheryl’s History started with UK Black Links Business Directory, The first publication targeted at the UK African & Caribbean Community. Over 150,000 copies of the publication were distributed throughout key areas in the UK to businesses, libraries, government bodies, Corporate companies & consumers.

With this Cheryl was invited to sit on the board of the London Development agencies BME grant awarding body, and was part of the panel which awarded funds to BME Businesses within the M25 area. She is an amazing and inspirational speaker, who truly engages with and energises her audiences.


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