Cassandra Campbell & Donna Solomon | Award Finalist 2015

Cassandra Campbell and Donna Solomon are the founders of Self Empowerment for Life’s Foundation (SELF), a growing not-for-profit organisation that supports the empowerment and growth of individuals and groups. Their mission is to encourage and support SELF-awareness, SELF-love, and SELF-acceptance. Armed with these tools, each individual can transform their life into one that is abundantly filled with happiness, positivity, prosperity, love, good health and well being.

Their first programme Pandora’s Box, an empowerment programme for 12-25 year old females, was created by Cassandra who joined forces with Donna in 2013 to bring this gift of empowerment to life.

This ‘GIFT’ assists young women in exploring their true self and identity, break through emotional barriers, and realise their individual beauty and potential. With a counselling background and a wealth of life experience behind them, together, they are on a mission to support young women through the process of addressing negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, increasing SELF-awareness, SELF-esteem and SELF-love, providing sustainable tools for SELF-empowerment.


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