The Silent Majority Speaks

On Thursday 23 June 2016. The silent majority will speak and be silent no more. I am really interested in what they have to say about immigration; the main issue on the Leave agenda. Overall it is clear we should ‘remain AND reform’ the only emotive issue that contradicts this view is inward migration. We know what the Nationalists and extreme right think, yet those citizens that do not hold their hateful views still have valid immigration concerns and they will have to reconcile with themselves what they really feel about the evolving world and our evolving British society. Today we [and in some cases they] will find out their true beliefs. I don’t have a clue which way they will vote, cos they really are the ‘silent majority’. It’s interesting, exciting and scary all in one go.


Leaving the EU will not make a single difference to the current numbers of migrants and these migrants will have children etc. so even if we leave, the numbers will not be effected, however they will grow, but at a slower rate. Therefore leaving will not change the current landscape, however it should be noted that a leave outcome will give the Nationalists the mandate they require to further their Nationalist agenda. I am however confident that when it comes to the question of shipping out existing migrants the silent majority will not stay silent. Therefore leaving Europe in itself will not effect the current landscape whatsoever.


Yes we will be able to renegotiate trades and doing business will not be a problem, but the change will mean many casualties but also new and exciting opportunities. It’s like leaving a job without a new job to go to but a great cv,  great references and great contacts. It’s that kind of uncertainty, you will land on your feet but not sure when, how or where but it does become clearer with time. However it should be noted that whilst you are unemployed and looking you do have to tighten your belt. Hence the shrinking economy which may and often triggers downturn and possible recession, it’s just a fact.

We [Britain] are so important that the EU will actually implode if we leave, the ramifications will mean a less peaceful world, that is a certainty.

Out of the 28 European Countries in the Union we have the best status, no single currency and the strongest of available veto options, we already have a good place within the organisation; and we can still leave in the future.


The EU needs extensive reform, most importantly the waste and the lack of democratic accountability. These things can and should be addressed immediately.

The EU is confused, it will not survive without Britain, it will empower the European Leave campaign and the Union will disintegrate as countries follow Britain’s lead and this will cause economic disaster. Yes the world will go on, and we will all survive but it will be a backwards step. Therefore the EU showed little foresight or understanding of the importance of Britain, hence they played hardball with Mr Cameron when instead they should have played smart and given him the things he needed to help him win this referendum. Instead the EU leadership have in my opinion showed a level of incompetence that illustrates much of what is wrong with the EU and what needs to be addressed quickly if we remain. German Chancellor and a couple of smaller European leaders were positive and understood, but the rest were just shortsighted, misguided or both.

The world is global, therefore we need to be involved in all major organisations to maintain our disproportionate leadership position in the world. Based on our size we should not have as much influence as we do. To maintain this advantage going forward we have to be involved in all the key world issues. If we lead Europe into disintegration it will be a legacy we will live to regret; instead we should lead Europe’s reform.

Heritage vs Nationalism

We can not go back to the past but we can maintain our heritage whilst still evolving into this global society. The world is going global, there is not a thing we can do about it. Globalisation is like electricity or the combustion engine. These things change the world dramatically, you can’t put them back into the bottle. We can not go back to the old times [thankfully for many of us, regrettably for others], therefore like it or not the world is going global, we can be dragged there kicking and screaming, or we can formulate what that world is going to look like by design and not default.

Nationalism like it or not, is a form of tribalism and if you are not aware then know this, ‘tribalism is the vehicle that human beings use to inflict their worst atrocities’. The examples are endless, every war, every form of genocide Syria, Bosnia, Somalia, Germany, Palestine to name but five, my group hates your group. Men on women, cast on cast. I mean we have it here in our own country, kids lose their lives because of their postcode, go to London or Liverpool and ask their Police services they will verify. The recent Euro 2016 violence is all based around angry people usually men using football tribalism as their vehicle. Tribalism is the vehicle people use to inflict misery on others or on our society and it is too important an issue to ignore or to give any oxygen, the ramifications are too dangerous, it is toxic, history has shown this, it is not a joke.

The world is moving forward the only important tribe is good or bad. Are you basically a nice person then I’m with you, if you wanna cause misery then I’m not with you. Whatever country you come from, whatever colour, whatever religion, I’m good as long as you are good. That’s my main tribe and I hope to live and see a day when that’s the only tribe that matters.

We can maintain our heritage with laws, similar to greenbelt and listed buildings add things like classes on British-ness with tests, citizenship classes with a huge focus on our culture, way of living etc. Spread our values. We can use film, art and culture to reinforce our messages.

If we continue to help other places in the world evolve and help stop wars and dictatorships and continue to support democracy worldwide then less people will wanna leave their homes and come here.

EU Savings…

Any money saved, will not, I repeat will not be life changing, it will not make one single bit of difference to your day to day, certainly not in a positive way, not one bit of difference and you will not notice it, like for example they say they are saving billions a year if they leave but they will not be able to send every person a £100 a year EU saving bonus. That’s in no way life changing, but they couldn’t even do that. Northern Rock, they bought it with £2000 of each taxpayers money, then they sold it. Did you ever see any money, they said we owned it but you couldn’t go in there and take any of the £2000 they said we paid. Leaving doesn’t effect our day to day.


So remember immigration will not be changed by leaving Europe. However it will seem like a mandate to start to make changes that will stop immigration. So Leave will not be the end only the beginning.

I suggest we don’t go back to that type of tribalism instead we take our place at the table and work towards an equal, inclusive society. If the world was fairer people wouldn’t have to leave their homes and I’m guessing migration would be more equally distributed. So we should look at the causes rather than a short term fix that is not even going to work.

So as far as we are concerned this is a question about immigration and Europe is the battleground. If we leave then once they realise it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to the current migrant landscape they will have to do something else and it may become a slippery road thereafter.

There are genuine concerns but leaving Europe in this way is not the answer. We will therefore be voting to remain AND reform.

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note: Most people we speak to in the inner cities are voting Leave because of immigration. That’s the battleground so get up and vote!