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Blaksox is a response to the sense of frustration felt primarily in Black and other communities who feel locked into a cycle of social inequality, deprivation, poverty and violence.

Blaksox is an income generating social action movement formed to inspire marginalised Black communities to respond to an increasingly challenging and changing economic and political environment.

Blaksox is committed to supporting #back2blackawards because its aims are perfectly aligned with that of Blaksox. We too believe that it is important to celebrate those in the community who do big things out of the sharp light of the media. We believe that it is these same people who will be the salvation of our community, so the fact that #back2blackawards is doing such great work to celebrate the efforts of ordinary people who do extraordinary things makes Back2Black the only award that Blaksox will officially support. One person cannot do everything but everyone can do something

Blaksox focuses on community driven mobilisation and capacity building ‘do for self’. For more information please visit:

www.blaksox.com | @_blaksox

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