BEVERLEY DE-GALE | Award Finalist

Beverley is the co-founder (alongside her partner Orin Lewis), of the leading UK Leukaemia charity, the ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust).

The ACLT was founded in June 1996, after Beverley and Orin received the devastating news that their 8 year old son Daniel De-Gale, needed a life saving bone marrow transplant in order to win his 3 year battle against leukaemia. When confronted by heart-wrenching facts and figures it became apparent to Beverley of the need for an organisation to galvanise awareness and increase the number of donors. Beverley channeled the anxiety of discovering her son had a form of cancer into the goal of creating a better future for people suffering with leukaemia and other blood-related disorders. To achieve this, the charity formed to raise awareness to enable potential donors to come forward and donate, making them, potentially a lifesaver. For the past 18 years, Beverley has devoted herself to the cause of improving such steep odds and the ACLT has increased the number of black and mixed race donors to over 60,000.

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