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Meet Fredi Nwaka

“All African Caribbean’s are part of black history and I feel it just as important to celebrate those living and contributing ‘now’ as it is those from the past and years gone by.”

Fredi Nwaka known formally as Fredi Kruga or Kruga started his career off as a music artist where he won several awards and became the only UK rapper to have been signed to the US rap powerhouse, WU Tang via their international label Wu International, headed up by Mark Cordner..

Although still heavily involved in the music scene, ghost writing for several artists Fredi began acting and has worked with Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, the late Bob Hoskins, Danny Dyer, Brenda Blethyn, Noel Clarke, Ashley Walters to name a few and has starred in films/TV such as DEAD MAN RUNNING, BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, PLASTIC, LEGACY, OUTSIDE BET, VICTIM, LAW AND ORDER UK, EASTENDERS, to name a few.

He has since moved on and set up his own production company called Gridloc Films which has also won several awards. In 2013 he won Best online community film for his London urban gang inspired film ‘IF ONLY’. He was also nominated in three categories at the the 2013 BEFFTA awards as Best script writer & screen play writer, Best Film Director and Best short film for IF ONLY. Fredi won best script & screen play writer. 2014 saw him win a NEL Award (Nigerian Entertainments and Lifestyle award) for his contribution in film and Media and also ‘Film Director Of The Year’ in the UK EBR Awards (Ebony Business Recognition Awards). He also won Father Of The Year in the BYA AWARDS.

Always one to give back, Fredi is the founder of C.R.I.M.E (Creating Role Models In Media Enterprise) which works with ex offenders, gang members and vulnerable young teens, steering them away from gang violence and youth crime using film and media as a tool. He also runs an organisation called Fathers Together which helps fathers gain access to their children and offers support and guidance to fathers experiencing difficulty..

Fredi is also the CEO and Founder of: