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C.R.I.M.E ( Creating Role Models In Media Enterprise) is a voluntary scheme aimed at taking troubled young people, gang members and ex-offenders and introducing them to the world of TV and Film. It was set up by ex-gang member, rapper and film director Fredi ‘KRUGA’ Nwaka in an attempt to help troubled youth and ex offenders not only launch a career in media and music, but also to re integrate those who have perhaps been alienated from society because of their history or associations. C.R.I.M.E aims to divert young people away from violent crime through the use of real life story telling.

This year of 2014 – Creating Role Models aim to bring you not only one of the most anticipated Black History month celebrations, but also the launch of the first Black History event to take place at the prestigious BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly London.

Black History Month, known also as “African-American History Month” in America, is an annual observance which takes place in the month of February in the United States and Canada; and throughout the month of October in the United Kingdom. It is a tribute for all of the important people and events that have taken place throughout the history of the African diaspora.

There are over 7.5 million people of Afro- Caribbean descent living in the united Kingdom and this event is not only a platform of remembrance but also a way of making a statement to demonstrate we are in touch with our history.

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