Karisma Kidz is an integrated platform that delivers emotional learning to young children (ages 3-8) through play and provides feedback to the whole family. The mobile app gamifies established methods for building emotional literacy and links seamlessly with toys, activities, and rewards in the real world, teaching children that real superheroes interact positively with others. Through improving the ability of young children to identify and manage their emotions, Karisma Kidz helps them to build stronger relationships, contribute positively to their communities, and become more effective learners at school.

The brand is loved by parents and children, has been preloaded to around 2 million family tablets, and
was recently championed by the Sunday Times as the next big thing to shake up the children’s entertainment industry.

Karisma Kidz was founded in 2012 by highly respected child confidence and emotional intelligence expert Erika Brodnock. She has 14 years of experience working in family support and parenting and is the creator of several digital resources on themes including emotional and social learning, digital safety, and digital parenting education. She is Sky News’ resident child confidence expert and her seminars cover most areas of family life. Erika is passionate about making sure that every child has an equal opportunity for success.